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It is essential that you claim your business for local SEO results and to build your brand for Google searches and Google Maps. It is free to set up your profile and whether you are a big company or a small business you can capitalise on your effort.

Google has placed increased visibility for organic searches on mobile devices giving prospective customers instant access to your contact details, directions to you, ratings, photos and operating hours. Customers who are out and about can make an instant decision without having to visit websites or social media channels.

If you want to be found and to keep up with your competitors then take control of your company’s vital information with Google My Business. The following link will help you set up your own profile, make sure you upload good quality images of your products or services and that you enter all your details correctly.


Not Claimed

The example I have on the left is Xavi’s restaurant profile this has not been claimed, it has the address, phone number and images which Google collects and populates. This collected information may not be correct and the images can be uploaded from anyone, leaving you open to the wild west.

There is vital missing information, opening hours, images that you want showcased, website link, facilities you might offer, booking direct etc.

There has been fraudulently acquired Google My Business profiles which Google are cleaning up, make sure your profile is not one of them, claim your business now



Example Google My Business



This is an example of a business that has been claimed they have filled in all the essential details, including one sentence that highlights what they offer.

The company has entered their own details –
Address, Hours, Phone Number, Menu address and their photos.

This information is all compacted and allows clients to have a quick overview on whether they want to visit this restaurant or look further into it by visiting the website, booking from here or phoning.

People are savvy shoppers today and they want information quick, accurate and easy to navigate. The Google profiles are perfect for those who don’t want to read scrolls of information on a website. Google My Business is built for the mobile platform where customers can be in your area searching for e.g a restaurant, this is your time to shine above the others.




If you need help to build your Google My Business give us a call – +61 4 3072 2206 and we can get your profile up and running.


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