Ruggers Restaurant and Bar were needing an update as the old site was non-responsive very bland and not generating any traffic. The owner wanted colour, vibrancy and a functional website that was easy for the customers to navigate and see what a fantastic family restaurant and bar they have to offer.

Spider Webby Design - Ruggers Restaurant


As you can see it wasn’t hard to make this site look good with all the beautiful menu dishes they have. The site is now generating a constant flow of customers and Matt was so pleased with the results I was asked to do his other business website.

Menu Page for Ruggers Restaurant

The owner of Ruggers Restaurant is very active on his business Facebook page so I suggested I add a blog page to his website that he would not have to touch but it would be updated daily using his posts, images, videos and content from his business Facebook page.

This feature is great for businesses who have a Facebook business page that don’t want to go into the website and update their blog. The benefits of this feature are – your website is kept active which gives it relevant dynamic content, the posts are responsive and work well on mobile devices, the posts are search engine accessible, you can choose which posts you want to display on your site and customise settings.

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