No, if you find a reputable, results driven SEO company who provide you with reports and regular updates with proof of growth. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very fickle, what used to pull your pages up in the Google rankings may now damage your online marketing efforts. Google beats to its own drum and if you are not following them closely with changes to their algorithms and formulas you will be pushing up hill with the brake on.

When choosing an SEO expert ask, Do you abide to Google’s webmaster best practices? How will you improve my search engine rankings? Do you start with a health check on my current site and fix any error pages, broken links tags before working on the site? Do you provide me with regular Google Analytics reports to enable me to track the progress?


Businesses put too much emphasis into their rankings on Google, what really is important is that your traffic is growing and you are getting more leads, it’s not to be ignored but don’t lose focus on other factors. Start looking at your leads closely – Are they buying? At what stage are they backing out of a sale? What percentage are closing the deals? What are the favourite products? These are the questions you need to ask yourself and work on strategies to catch sales falling at these stages. Rankings don’t necessarily mean more leads or sales, don’t get caught up in the hype about being on the ‘first’ page.


Another area that needs to be looked at closely are your keywords, you need to get more creative in your thinking. For example you have a menswear shop on the Gold Coast, a few years ago a couple of keywords were king ‘menswear Gold Coast’ these keywords did extremely well but today every menswear shop on the Gold Coast uses the same keywords taking the power from the phrase.  Look at your top selling products and develop longer phrased keywords, example men’s suit and tie hire or custom made bow ties, get more specific. Buyers know what they are looking for and they do specific searches giving you the edge.


Quantity does not mean better when it comes to content. Content must give value, relevant and informative information, make it worth sharing people will share high quality content, which will build up links and spread your reach.

Set Up and Forget

SEO is not an overnight fix, it takes at least 6 months of constant building up, and it needs to be maintained to keep the momentum. If you don’t have the means to pay for a reputable SEO company Google has a great resource for beginners.  If you have a WordPress site there are many good SEO plugins, my personal favourite is YOAST.

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